America the free?


“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”- Abraham Lincoln

I went out of town this past weekend and rented a car, the sales rep offered me what they call ‘peace of mind’ insurance in case something happens to the car it will be fully covered. This got me thinking of how people sell out their freedom in exchange for ‘security.’ I see Americans do this more and more as the media infiltrates our minds with fear of people attacking us or of ‘bad’ things happening. The news is especially good at this fear mongering, it happens every time I turn the TV on, something bad is always happening, if it’s not some virus it’s our neighborhoods.

Have we sold out our faith in exchange for security? Have we given into fear and given up on love?

The further apart we live from one another the more we lose touch with community and a sense of brother/sisterhood, love for one another. We learn what tolerance is by being amongst those who do not share the same views however we learn to respect them because they are our neighbors. But when the media makes our neighbors look like criminals, how are we to make up our own minds about a different culture? The media becomes like our guru, or our god who tells us whether something is right or wrong, good or bad.

Let’s learn how to use our own hearts to guide us and not some lies created by a system that benefits from our mental slavery. The further apart they divide us, the more power they have, power over the people, power over our lives, our freedoms, freedoms which we have less and less of as the years go by because we have given them up based on fear which was fed to us by the very system that destroys us.

Stand up for your right to love, freedom, and peace. Don’t permit someone’s point of view to poison your mind, we are all in this together, united we can transform our society for true ‘peace of mind.’


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