Seeking a spiritual teacher?


“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”-Greg Anderson

I’ve been walking the path for several years now, it can be rather frustrating and confusing at times but I’ve learned a couple of things that I would like to share if you are just beginning or are still on the path just as I am.

The number one compass on this path is the heart, if you learn to listen to it it will lead you to the best places-the ego may not like it, it may trick you out of it, but it’s the truth-the heart will always lead you to truth. Teachers; be it gurus, shamans, priests, whatever, all of them have something valuable to share, each of them share it from their own experience, from expression of their light, however not everything they will say or do will be in accordance with YOUR truth. This is the tricky part, but again, revert to the first point and you will be fine.

When choosing a teacher, or seeking guidance from a peer, etc., it is always important to refer back to you and who you are, if you don’t know yourself that well this will be challenging. A great way to remember who you are is to look back to your past and see what decisions you have made, what has brought you to the present moment, what made you YOU. How did the experience of ‘XYZ’ feel? What do you like or what don’t you like? What are your values?

The people that you are surrounded by, be it teachers, friends, etc will change depending upon your own progress on the path therefore it comes back to you again, you are key to the path, no one else, you steer your boat which is why it is important to get to know yourself.

There are external factors to account for on this path, certain universal rules and such however you will learn these on the path, the more open you become on the path the more will be revealed to you. All in time, if you prepare, it will come. Imagine that you live in the dark and suddenly someone switches all the lights on at once- it will almost blind you, and may even hurt-this is why the path is not an overnight thing, you are slowly opening up to let the light in.

Don’t be in a rush to understand something, just let it go, sometimes there are lessons that take a while to catch up, but if you are open you will find that it will eventually click-just keep walking.

I’ve had several teachers in my life, and they continue to come, all of them have taught me something. Though they don’t all agree with the way things are done, nor do I always agree with them, I still have respect for them and the work that they have done to get to where they are. I take what I need for my path and continue to walk, in the end it is my path and my relationship with the divine one that matters most.

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