“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”-Ernest Hemingway

As a yoga instructor I can always tell who is a good listener and who is not, the students who listen are in the pose that I have directed, while the other students are not. It may also be that the students who are in a different pose are expecting to do the same sequence as the previous week and thus are in their heads instead of being present. I feel that our ability to listen is key in our spiritual lives, listening is important not only in relationship but also with ourselves, our inner world, our body. This is how we establish a great connection with our infinite source.

By closing the mouth and opening our ears we are able to help put the ego in the back seat while we become the observers of the dance of life. Living in the city we are so often accustomed to being bombarded with one sound after another, so much so that some fear the silence when it is exactly where we need to be-the silence- it is in the silence that we find the fountain of joy. It is in the silence that I am able to listen to my inner guide, the guide that helps get me out of tough situations and has my best interest in heart.

Make it a priority in life to spend some time away from all the exterior noise and tune into the frequency of joy that permeates our being and that of everything that surrounds us. You don’t have to do it cold turkey, even if it’s just 10, 5, or even 3 minutes, just do it! One grain of sand at a time and you will start to become addicted to this pure source of bliss, as a song from the Self Realization Fellowship goes “listen, listen, listen, to my heart’s song.”

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