Trust the process


Have you ever been looking for something you lost, or something you want, and then end up finding something else that you weren’t looking for? Life is like this, during the time that I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree I realized that my heart’s calling was something else, it was a part of me that was always there yet I didn’t recognize it, I didn’t give it validation.

Have you wondered if what you are currently pursuing is truly your heart’s calling? If it is truly for you? I feel that sometimes when we get ‘deviated’ along our path to whatever we are seeking it is simply God/universe/source steering us in the right direction because the creator always has our best interest at heart even though we may not be aware of it at the time. We are created in Her/His perfection, therefore it only makes sense that the divine one will gently nudge us in one direction or another and for those of us that are stubborn, we get a kick in the butt to finally see what is right in front of us.

Do you trust in the process? Do you have faith that it will work out in the end? Look at nature, take some time out and observe the magic of it all, see how every living creature is being taken care of by the creator. Taking a line from the movie ‘Kung Fu Panda,’ there are no mistakes in the universe. Being a recovering perfectionist it’s kind of challenging to let go of wanting to control everything, to simply surrender to the bigger picture, but I think that’s what we are on this earth for, to remember how to put one foot in front of the other and let go and just flow.

The picture below is of a heart-shaped cactus that I found while I was looking for a hummingbird, it was staring right at me but I didn’t see it because I was busy looking for my friend the hummingbird. Remember to let go, sometimes the universe’s plans are better than the ones you are making.


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