Wonder-Full Wednesday


I’ve found a piece of me that I had forgotten, it was something that I did as a child- it’s learning from life and taking it as a lesson- not punishment. I remembered this loving part of me after an incident with a teacher, at first it made me very upset because this experience kept popping up and it made me uncomfortable. But then I took a step back and analyzed it, I then realized that it was an opportunity for me to open up and speak up for myself- something which I find challenging to do at times.

Upon remembering this piece of me which enjoyed learning from life, and taking the punches, as lessons from God to grow and to bloom, I also remembered how beautiful I was inside, I found me. It has been a while since I could see the sun within my heart, but it is beautiful and very magical to find this love within.

This has been my something ‘wonderful’ this week 🙂

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