So I was thinking…if the TV weren’t so full of what is considered ‘normal’ I wouldn’t feel so odd being my ‘out of the ordinary’ magical-self around people. But the truth is that because we have been fed so many images about what is considered ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ that anything that falls out of place from those labels scares some people. The mind has the tendency to want to label things to want to put everything in the order that it ‘knows’, however truth tells us otherwise, truth says that miracles happen, that magic is real, and that the unbelievable can become believable.

Part of me wants to just ban ‘regular’ TV from my life so that I may better embrace my reality, my  truth, and create my world according to what feels right, not to what I think or I know to be so. The mind can be a great ally in life, however there are moments when we must simply let go of the need to know and just flow with the great mystery of life and of the mighty creator of all.

This type of thinking is so engrained in us that even some of most well meaning people will let out a judgment slip out of their mouths and label another soul. We must first eradicate this within ourselves in order to see the world around us transform. As within, so it is without.

Thank you to Journey Within to Journey Without for the spark of light 🙂

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