Live, learn


There are some lessons that just kick your butt, they aren’t very light or easy going like some parents can be. They straight out yell at you and say ‘Hey! Here I am!…What are you going to do now!?’. These are the lessons that may push your spiritual progress one giant leap forward; if you try to skip them they will show up again. It is like the trail that you hike up a mountain, there may be something blocking the path on your way up, you can either go around or remove the blockage immediately so that it doesn’t obstruct your passage on the way home.

I feel that the greater my spiritual progress, the bigger the challenges, it’s like God saying, ‘Hey, you’re stronger now, time step up the game some more!’ Life never gets boring like this; there is always one more mountain to climb, and one more flower to smell along the way.

Attitude is what matters on this journey, my teacher reminded the class that life is not a flat line, there are several ups and downs, how you perceive them will dictate your quality of life. Namaste.

2 thoughts on “Live, learn

  1. I so resonate with this. I feel like Im almost being pushed outside my comfort zone right now in my life, but the great thing is the support life gives you once you decide to listen to the guidance. Thank you for writing this:)

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