Which path do you choose?


In life, for the most part, we have options. We have the option to grow through love, or grow through painful trial and error. There are people who have walked paths similar to the ones we are on, these great leaders have left us with their philosophy, wisdom, and knowledge in order to make our life easier. However it is up to us to find these answers, but most of all, walk the talk. Though we may not exactly mirror someone else, we still have the option of taking what works best for ourselves and making it our own.

We choose how we take the lesson, some of us are quick to learn from our mistakes, others take longer, it takes falling several times until we tire and surrender to the lesson. Some of us are just stubborn, we must learn to be flexible with life in order to grow and be our best. Trees are flexible like this, yet they are still strong and firm, we must learn this balance. Life is a series of choices, what do you choose?

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