Light portal


There are portals of light into different dimensions, a priestess I know of referred to going into labor as going into the birth portal. I’ve attended spiritual retreats with the word ‘portal’ was used in the name, however it just struck me that that is exactly what those places have been, they have been portals of light into different states of being. It is like a portal into your own mind traveling through and discovering the different doors to your inner universe.

As I’m transitioning from the person I once was to someone who is more in tune to my inner world I feel as though I am being opened into different worlds, different consciousness, a different me. It is a bit scary because there is a certain amount of uncertainty; however my essence is intact enough for me to feel ok with the work that is happening within my being. It is rather painful I do admit, but….I take it a day at a time, one portal at a time.


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