Mean people


“It’s not our job to play judge and jury, to determine who is worthy of our kindness and who is not. We just need to be kind, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, even – or rather, especially – when we’d prefer not to be.”- Josh Radnor

When dealing with people who seem aloof, mean, or anything but loving, we must take a step back and look at them as if they are a child. Sometimes this type of behavior stems out of a lack of love from childhood, or some other sort of trauma. Once we look at them from this point of view we can then see that they are hurting and are just acting out something from the past, it happens unconsciously more often than not.

There are exceptions to the case of course, but it doesn’t hurt to be kind to another individual, sometimes those who are unkind are the ones who need love the most. Let’s be open to the possibility of sharing love and not judging the other person, everyone has a battle that they are fighting, we are in this together. Challenge yourself, it may surprise you how the ‘mean’ person will react when you come from a loving presence and don’t react in an ill manner.

Being kind, however, does not mean being a door mat for someone to walk over you, it just means honoring the space within yourself that loves and yet maintaining self respect. Respect is part of love, love of oneself is of utmost importance, but we must also allow love to circulate. One love, one people.

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