Wonder-Full Wednesday


There is this saying that when you are following your path, the universe conspires to help you. I felt this this past week when I became suddenly busy at work and clients started calling me to set up appointments. It was what I needed, extra cash to pay for a course in shamanism that I wanted to take. The day that the course is taught was also conveniently on the day when I had time to drive the extra miles to class.

Yesterday was the first day of class and I was put to the test, 2 hours and 45 minutes sitting in rush hour traffic, but I made it on time. I did my best to keep my cool and stay positive.  I’ve felt immense gratitude at being in a point in life where I feel that doors are opening up, as if I’ve overcome a huge hurdle, and yesterday was proof of that, it feels like I’m closer, if not already at the point of executing my calling.

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