The earth is…


The earth is a battleground; the warriors are the believers, the dreamers, and the lovers.

The earth is a dance floor; the dancers are the movers of energy, the ones who feel the magic of the music move through them.

The earth is a playground; the children are the ones who are not afraid to take a leap of faith and dream a bigger dream, to imagine a new earth.

The earth is home; the residents are sentient beings called birds, mammals, reptiles, and trees among the other recognized and unrecognized earthlings.

The earth is mother; her children are the indigenous people who protect her, who listen to her cry as others try and destroy her.

The earth is medicine; she heals the wounded souls who have come to play amongst the forest of her being, who drink of her waters and climb her mountains.

The earth is my battleground, my dance floor, playground, home, mother, and my medicine, the earth is my love, thank you mother.

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