“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”- Albert Einstein

Crazy, this is one of the words that I remember being called growing up, and even into adulthood.  I’ve seen it used in all sorts of ways and directed at all sorts of people, I’ve also seen it used by people referring to themselves, myself included.

But what does this word really mean? I think it depends on the context and how it is being used. However generally, I see it used to demean people, to get them to doubt themselves, and to make them less credible. Often times it is used against something that seems illogical. Take flying for example decades before the first airplane was built people would call you crazy for trying to do something like that, however someone was ‘crazy’ enough to believe that they could do it, there are countless other modern developments and social developments which have surpassed what was once thought of as ‘crazy’ but it took one person to believe in their heart that what they envisioned was true.

This is what I see happening in regards to spiritual evolution, to the eternal truth, most people stick to what is written in books. However there is vast evidence that there is more to our existence then what is presented in these texts, things that some consider ‘magical’ or others who would call it crazy and dismiss it. Yet regardless of your belief system, slowly our hearts and minds will be open to that world which defies magic. Change occurs slowly because it is something which scares many and takes some people a while to get used to. Just like our social evolution of racial, and gender rights, our rights as spiritual beings will also come at a slow, yet gradual, pace. It may take a while for the truth to sink in for some, but it will happen.

What do I think now as an adult? I still think the adults that I grew up with are crazy, nothing that they did made sense to me, though I will say that they have slowly evolved into more conscious people. For a long time I thought God dropped me off on the wrong side of the planet, now I understand why I landed here and not somewhere else-to bring my truth to the ‘crazy,’ to the people who have forgotten who they are and where they come from. I understood lots of things that I still see as truth that my parents called me crazy for, but I’m glad I kept my truth, otherwise I would really be the ‘crazy’ one. This is my truth, call me crazy if you like but I am who I am.

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