Wonder-Full Wednesday


In spite of the pain and healing that I have been undergoing in the past couple of days, I will say that there is a silver lining.  I know I am not alone on this journey, I have ‘divine company’ so to speak. I get little signs that I know to look for that remind me of the angels that are with me. One of them are feathers, I see them in the most random of places, but after a friend of mine told me what they mean I understood why-“When angels are near feathers appear” is the saying. Another sign I get are numbers, multiple numbers such as 10:10 or 11:11, I know to look up their meaning because they carry a message from my angels.

While I was sitting on the cliff looking out at the ocean during one of my hikes I looked down and found this rock, I took a second look and realized that it was in the shape of an owl 🙂 Owls symbolize wisdom, these are the kind of random signs I get from heaven.


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