Are you upset?


Someone I work with made the comment ‘I’ll try not to make you mad,’ this reminded me that there are people who still see power as outside of them, who like to point the finger rather than take responsibility for their actions, or at least for their part. My thought when he said this was simple- ‘You don’t control me.’ I stand with the understanding that we are powerful beings and therefore have the ability to use our mind wisely, grasping this idea allows life to flow. We have no control over outside events; however we do have power over our mind, if we learn how to use is properly that is.

This reminds me of the saying by Don Miguel Ruiz, from The Four Agreements, where you don’t take anything personally because nothing anyone says or does is because of you. If someone gets upset, it is not because of you, perhaps you may have made them aware of something within them that hurts, but it is not because of you; the pain already existed within them.

And then we can look at life as if it were a mirror, and understand that the other person doesn’t exist, they are just a projection of your thoughts, a messenger, a test. The great masters understand this.

Next time you find yourself getting upset, ask yourself where it is coming from, it may just surprise you that whatever set you off has nothing to do with what set you off.


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