The child


“Innocence is one of the most exciting things in the world.”-Eartha Kitt

My co-worker came in with her four year old son and baby yesterday; she wanted to get a massage. She had him sit in the break room next to me. He noticed a box with fudge and said it was cake; I’m normally not around kids his age too often, so I didn’t know what to expect. I told him that it was not cake, that it was fudge, and that they were different. He said no, they are the same. Silly me, not having much experience with four-year-olds I decided to try and explain to him that they were different, that they weren’t the same. So there I sat for a couple of minutes trying to explain to him that things were ‘different’ I eventually noticed that I was getting nowhere with him and just gave in. I told him he was right and that I agreed with him, he then laughed and said I was funny.

I took a minute to try and see his point of view and realized that in essence he was right; everything is the same because it all comes from the same source, they may take ‘different’ forms but they are all one. Sometimes we must get out of our ‘adult’ mentality and see the truth in the innocence of a child.

I remember being a child and feeling like the adults in my life didn’t understand things and mistook me as being dumb just because I was a child, rather than taking the time to really listen and seeing that I may have a point. The world is much different to a young child whose mind has not been conditioned to think in a linear way, their points of view are always fresh and untainted.

Remember the kid in you, it is the brightest light within that glows with love and acceptance, it is the part of you that loves to play and to simply live in existence of this gift we call life.

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