“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.”-Jean Racine

Sometimes you wonder when the right time to do something that will change your life is, at least I have, I’ve been pondering this question for the past couple of years. I never anticipated what would lead to making a decision, never quite grasping the events that would lead to it, but that time has come. I’ve gone almost my entire life with a weight that did not belong to me on my shoulders, and now I feel I am ready to let it go, this is the year that I never saw coming, the game changer of my life. It is time to close a part of my life that is long overdue.

Life will present you with the answers you seek, sometimes you just have to wait for them to arrive, you will be prepared for the right time and the right moment. With this perspective it is almost like saying, “you have nothing to do but to just be”, because everything that needs to be said and done is already said and done, you just have to be present to accept what it is you have asked for…..


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