Write, Meditate, Dance! These are my goals for this year; write at least once a month in my personal journal, Meditate a minimum of 10 minutes every day, and lastly, go out dancing at least once a month.

I welcomed the New Year by attending a group meditation at a temple, during the meditation these were the things that came to me, I hadn’t thought of them before hand but they came quite easily to me.

I’ve had a personal journal for a couple of years now,  I pick it up and write in it every once in awhile, though not enough, so it makes sense that this was one thing that popped up. Meditating- before I went through a really bad depression, this was something that I did for at least an hour a day, once in the morning and once before bed. I’m surprised at how easily I’ve been able to get back into it, it’s as if I hadn’t stopped meditating, this one is where the commitment part kicks my butt 🙂 And finally, dancing! I love dancing, it is my medicine, yet this too is something that took the back burner when I went through a depression. I’m considering joining a dancing team, it’s something I’ve wanted to do but put off due to finances, perhaps this year it will happen.

I’m starting small with the goals that require extra effort on my part, such as meditating, and hopefully build up in the coming months. I will continue to keep this blog growing since it is something I feel is necessary in my journey in life.

Godspeed in your goals everyone!

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