I made a couple of resolutions for this past year, one-eat more veggies, two-do yoga at least once a week, and three-get rid of egg products from my diet. Out of these three the first two were more challenging because they required some form of effort on my part, whereas getting rid of eggs just meant finding alternatives, which during this day in age is easy.

In order to honor my resolutions I had to make a commitment to myself, to my word, to my growth, there was no going back. This was the tough part because excuses always find their way in when it comes to doing things; it’s easier to say, “I’ll do it later.”

This was my challenge, I got creative and learned how to slowly integrate more vegetables in my diet, I put them in places I hadn’t thought of before like in my morning smoothies, the fruit would override the taste of the veggies so I wouldn’t really notice the difference. Committing to a regular exercise practice was super challenging because I honestly didn’t feel like doing it, I literally dragged myself out of bed often times just to go do yoga, but I did it.

What this past year taught me, it taught me that I have the ability to override whatever thought I have about what I ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ do, if I have the will and determination to do something, I get it done. It may not be easy, there may be lots of resistance, but I can do it. The mind is an interesting tool; it can either help you or destroy any effort you may have in achieving something. I am still learning how to make it work in my favor, but I take it a day at a time.

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