Wonder-Full Wednesday


Something wonderful happened today, an answer to a question I had last year finally arrived. I was puzzled by what someone said about ‘closing the circle’ in regards to relationships. To me it meant cutting all ties, no contact whatsoever, however a friend of mine tagged me in her post on Facebook today, and just like that, bam! The long awaited puzzle solved, it took me a couple of times to read through it in order to fully digest the message but I got it, it was a relief, a welcomed one at that.

The gist of the answer was this; “closing cycles requires forming a healthy acceptance and a full understanding of the total experience.” In other words, learn the lesson from that relationship, forgive, be thankful, and move on. This makes so much sense since some of the relationships that I’ve had to let go of taught me so much, and the people who held this space have played a large role in my life. This message could not have come at a better time as it is right before the end of the year.

I am ready to move on and welcome the birth of a new year, thank you universe, thank you love, thank you goddess.

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