Celebration candlelight

Living in the U.S. during this time of the year one topic comes up a lot; Christmas. It is all over advertisements on billboards, TV, radio, etc. But not everyone in this country is a Christian; I wonder how this affects them. Some of my friends who aren’t Christian still like to give gifts during this time, it’s almost like an American cultural thing that people adopt and no longer something related to a religion.

I don’t belong to any religious group, although I was raised a Catholic, I never felt it was for me, today as an adult the tradition that was handed down to me no longer calls me the way that it did when I was a child. The one thing I looked forward to was opening gifts, because that is all that it meant to me, it was a day where I received gifts, nothing more. There is so much awareness in my life now that I see the patterns that people live in, the ones that society creates, and the ones that are handed down in a family. What I’ve noticed is that we have a tendency of living a very linear life, doing the same things year after year, as if it were an unending cycle. People do things just because, not really understanding the true meaning of a tradition or asking questions, just blindly continuing a ritual which has lost its meaning.

At what point do we wake up out of the cycle and live the present moment? Where do you draw the line and no longer put a label on each moment? Each day? Today is today, this moment is this moment, and it is all occurring in the eternal NOW. Give thanks every day (Thanksgiving), be merry every moment (Christmas), and celebrate the birth of every morning (New Year’s day)! We don’t need to wait for a holiday or for the government so that we may enjoy a specific moment in our life, let the celebration move on every chance we get, and in everything we do, let’s celebrate life!

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