I’ve noticed some people look down upon those with ‘disabilities’ in pity. Perhaps it is because they see them as less fortunate than they are for not having; sight, limbs, etc. I think a lot of people are accustomed to this type of stereotype because of the way that society has labeled them- disabled.

However I like to challenge the way that society labels things, or people, for this matter. I don’t feel pity whenever I see someone missing a limb, or without sight, I do my best to treat them as fully capable human beings, that in spite of them not having the same functioning systems that I do, are still able to stand in their own light and shine. I embrace the fact that we all look different and that we all function differently as well, I see a lesson in all sorts of states of living and I honor the being within that person whose life it is to experience not having sight, sound, etc. in this life.

Why must we separate ourselves into categories like ‘able’ or ‘disabled’? We are one unit, one creation, let’s embrace each others’ unique states of being and celebrate life for what it is, a gift! Life is not a tragedy, it is an experience, one that is as temporary as a fleeting second, our true nature cannot be harmed, it is timeless, we are light, we are love, we are one.

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