Differing views, one love


“If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”-J.K. Rowling

What is courage? What is weakness? What is love? There are many answers to these simple questions, different eyes, different perspectives, different experiences, all unique but none less valid than the other. It is people who exhibit arrogance or narrow-mindedness that feel it is necessary to put down another in order to feel better about themselves when others are labeled as ‘courageous’ or ‘brave.’ There is no need to put down another in order to elevate oneself, this competitive mentality arises out of lack, and a mentality of lack comes from the ego. In the universe there is plenty for everyone, there is no need to fight over things, God has provided enough for all her creations, all are beautiful in the eyes of the creator. It is greed and fear that clouds one’s vision to think otherwise.

You can see two trees standing tall next to one another, each one radiating in its own light, the mother earth holding them both and providing for each one, there is no need for competition. We have the ability to live as peacefully as the trees live amongst one another, we need to get rid of this mentality that there is not enough, or that because one person is ‘better’ the other person is ‘less’, this is not so. The creator has given us the gift to transcend these limiting thoughts, to challenge what society tells us is right or wrong. We can break free from these mental chains of ‘limit’ and expand beyond the thought of yesterday and bring birth to the ever present, ever abundant ‘now.’ Live, breathe, love, let go.

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