Wonder-full Wednesday


Every other Wednesday I will share something wonderful that I experienced, learned, heard, etc during the month.

I was getting acquainted with a new client today; she was sharing a bit about herself and revealed to me that she had met her soul mate. She said she had been married for many years and had lost her husband ten years ago, although she had a good marriage she didn’t feel as though he was the one. She had made a list of qualities that she wanted her soul mate to have, and told me she knew that he would eventually show up, so he did. She is in her 80’s and just met her soul mate a couple of months ago; he fits everything she was seeking. She commented that they even finish each other’s sentences, and their relationship flows harmoniously.

This brought a smile to my face, it was refreshing to find someone who had faith and whose prayer was answered-although many years later. It made me think of all the things I desire to achieve, and that even though there are many things on this list, I know they will happen in due time. Life is good to those who believe. Have faith, say a prayer, and let it go.


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