Who are you?


“You’ve got to find yourself first. Everything else’ll follow”-Charles de Lint

Who are you? Think about it, reflect on this for a second, who are you? Are you the same person to your mother? Your lover? What about the neighbor? Who you are will most likely change from person to person, their experiences with you, each unique, will also change. There is the young you, then there is the older you, but who are you really? You see that with the shedding of each decade in life your exterior changes, so who are you?

What is true in you? Is there a constant vibration within you that is present no matter time, place, or space? Do you see it? Hidden beneath every interaction, every year, every action, you are there, the real you, the witness of it all, always present, always constant. If you allow yourself a minute’s breath and uncover what is true within you, you will see it, rest assured in this light within you, it is your strength, your alibi, it is always there, always present.

This part of you is free, it moves like the feather in the wind and has no end, it lives in eternity, free and in tranquility. Do you remember now? Do you know who you are? Can you feel it?

You are free, you are free.

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