Let your guard down


“Forever is composed of nows.”-Emily Dickinson

To live in this moment is to reveal the nudity of your soul. The ego will always have a need to ‘know,’ to ‘understand,’ and to be anything but in the presence of eternal peace called ‘now.’

The ego has a need for a costume, a shield to house itself and prevent the presence of light from shining in, always wanting to be a step ahead and in your head, whispering fear and misery for what might be and never leaving trust and faith a chance to breathe. It makes you forget about your divinity and your ability to see what is, in this present space, this place called peace and tranquility, the here and now.

Experiencing the presence of the now is allowing this guard down, this illusion that thinks that something or someone can harm it, this is not so, no thing, and no one can harm the eternal, it is all illusion, a fabrication of the mind. Trust and let go, that is all you need to know.

9 thoughts on “Let your guard down

  1. Yes, indeed it is a stunning picture. I agree entirely with your theme statement, “To live in this moment is to reveal the nudity of the soul.” Now is so bare without being built on past and looking to future.

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