I see you


“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”-Marcus Aurelius

When I hear someone speak, I am able to listen to the projection of their inner world. A rich person speaks in loving words, full of meaning and life. A person who is empty speaks of yesterday as if it was today, and only knows the darkness in spite of the light of day. Their criticism is a reflection of their internal turmoil, a battle with the ego. Words of kindness and softness speak of a soul who knows how to let go and follow the flow of life, the divine light inside.

What their words don’t say, their actions come into play, they may act out of arrogance or act out of fear.  Their worry for you is their own lack of faith in themselves, lack of faith in the creator. The one that encourages is the one with faith, with belief in god/creator/the universe; this person has no doubt in the power of love.

We project our thoughts all the time, ‘as it is above, so it is below.’ Look at your day today, what stands out? What did you project unto life? If you don’t like what you saw, it’s ok, tomorrow is another day, another day to run and play.

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