Are you here?


“Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final”-Rainer Maria Rilke

What the mind does to the soul is like shaking the foundation of a house, if it is disturbed it can bring it down in an instant. The mind and its endless thoughts, doubts, and fears have a tendency of shaking a person from the eternal NOW, the divine presence of love and fluidity, the space where everything is ok and control is for the headless chickens that wander the world forgetting their divine nature. It is in this moment of peace that all is in its place and all that will be, shall be, because it is part of the creator’s perfection. Letting go of thought after thought we are allowed to be this space, this moment where all the magic happens and life is full and complete.

How do we stop all this nonsense from taking over our lives? How do we stop all the madness of the thousand lies of the mind? Breathe, just breathe, allow the thoughts to flow out and watch it from the side like a child looking out a window at the rainstorm outside. There is no need to have attachment to these thoughts that disrupt life and torment the soul, breathe, just breathe, life is like a light from a candle lit at night, it can show you the way if you follow the light, so just breathe.

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