Are you living?


“If you don’t take the chance to live life, what can you say at the end of it?”-Naveen Andrews

I was talking to a client today who was telling me how unhappy he was at his current job. He’s one of the top four at his company and says it’s a stressful job, he makes really good money, but he’s unhappy. I could tell just by hearing him speak that this job is taking the life out of him, his wife has not worked for the past eleven years because he has made enough income to support both. He doesn’t see how he could ask her to start working, and changing jobs would require him to take a huge pay cut and move to a different home, all of which requires change. It is change which he felt most uncomfortable around.

After about half an hour of conversation he revealed something to me which was relevant, he was depressed. This brought all sorts of thoughts into my mind, one thought-how come he can’t honestly open up to his wife and let her know how he is feeling? Second- this man is not living, he is slowly walking to his death bed never truly getting to know what happiness is, on an earth that is abundant with love, and third-this just confirms what I was born to do, wake these people up!

There is nothing that moves me more than to see people withering away and never fulfilling their heart’s desires, never knowing the love of life, the love of living. Life is a gift, it is a precious gift that we get to use to evolve as spiritual beings, and if we don’t use it to know who we truly are, our life’s work will be left undone.

We must learn to let go of our material attachments in order to find that paradise that lives within, and this requires change. Change is a scary thing, it is uncomfortable, yet it is necessary for growth, without it we remain stagnant and depressed. There is a line of souls who wish they could do it again, wish they could come back and live their dreams, and do things differently. We have that opportunity NOW! It doesn’t matter how small or how big of a step we take, but we must take at least one step towards fulfilling our dreams. We must fight for it and do whatever is necessary, sometimes all it takes is showing up and the universe/god/creator will reciprocate. Go out there and live!


2 thoughts on “Are you living?

    1. Yes, having an authentic relationship, thank you for your thought 🙂 I think that’s why it’s best to know yourself first and love yourself before committing to marriage.


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