Women leading


“We need women leaders. But we need them to have a vision for something.”-Charlotte Bunch

I am witnessing the transformation of a world, where we will no longer feed the male dominated machine that the media and society have created, where women are seen as mere sex objects to be used and abused, and whose intelligence is substandard to that of man. One at a time, woman by woman, we will create a better image for the next generation. We will give birth to a new earth, a new society. We will help the planet heal, as humanity heals, raising our energy levels, will help detoxify all the energy which has polluted mother earth. Women will reign as heroines, and leaders, will prosper, and be free.

One thought on “Women leading

  1. A wonderful manifesto and I know that the only way real change comes about is through one person at a time. But you are right we need women with vision to come into leadership not just because they are women but because they are leaders and embrace their feminine wisdom.

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