Photo by Jiyang Chen

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”-Confucius

As I was walking along the pedestrian path at the beach, I looked up and saw the seagulls flying, they were flying effortlessly, just soaring along the windy sky. I pondered at how they don’t doubt in their ability to fly, they just do it, it is something which they are born with and thus express. I thought about how I have fallen in the past due to doubt, it has been one of the most detrimental parts of my spiritual path. To overcome this doubt has been to reclaim my throne, the eternal kingdom, my freedom. I then fly like those seagulls do without any doubt in my abilities and in the loving support of life. Without doubt I am strong, I am resilient, I simply am. Nature teaches me so much, which is one reason why I love it, it is part of my essence and I am connected to her.

As I was looking up at the seagulls I remembered how I once shared with a friend that I got pooped on by a bird, my friend then mentioned that it was good luck. I found myself looking up at these birds and kind of wishing that one of them would poop on me 🙂  life is about perspective, what do you do when life hands you poop? Look for the message, the lesson, but don’t try too hard, just let it go and let it flow.

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