Setting goals


“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”-Confucius

I was inspired by this blog to write on setting goals and taking action. Being a recovering perfectionist and over thinker, I’ve found myself, in the past, not taking the necessary steps in order to achieve my dreams. My thoughts would stop me in my tracks completely; I would analyze the situation, and then doubt would set in, lord knows what happens when doubt comes knocking, that would be the end of it, no dreams, no goals, nothing.

What has caused me to be more of an action taker rather than a day dreamer? Love and passion, believing in my dreams and all who it will serve, to be able to serve others and be a vessel of transformation. My faith has been tested, but I passed, I said yes. It doesn’t matter what it will take but I will do it. The universe has acknowledged my courage, and the action that I took to serve, by supporting my decision financially. My dreams are powered by my faith and my mental ability to attract to me all that I need to accomplish my goals.

When someone has a difficult time making decisions and keeps changing them, it sends the universe mixed signals, therefore this person’s goals are difficult to attain. Imagine going to a restaurant and ordering a steak, then changing your mind midway, chances are, you are going to get the wrong order. This is why it is important to be assertive when making goals and not allowing doubt to enter the picture. We must keep our eye on the goal and not allow obstacles to keep us from realizing our dreams. Have faith, take action, be flexible when obstacles come along, and let go, let the universe/god/creator work her magic.

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