“Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.”-Simone Weil

Attachment equals pain, this is a simple equation, yet difficult to break. Attachment is one of the biggest problems I see people deal with; it leads to so much pain and suffering. Why does this happen? I see it all around society and in the media, the idea that something outside of us will make us happy is what’s propagated, this is what causes the suffering. It is an illusion that something beyond ourselves, beyond what the creator has made can make us happy. We are complete and whole, made perfect in the creator’s eye, we need not look elsewhere for happiness. Everything outside is constantly changing, constantly evolving, it is not permanent. To attach ourselves to a world that is not permanent and think that it will make us happy is but an illusion. Only by anchoring ourselves in the eternal love of our creator may we be eternally happy. By building this relationship and knowing who we are and where we come from are we able to transcend this duality of happiness and sorrow.

We live miserable because we have forgotten who we are, and above all we forget that we are not alone, the creator is always with us. We must remember where we come from in order to claim our liberty, our truth, our life, our love. We are infinite beings of light, we have no need to feed off other energy, all we need is to harvest what is already within. Practice love, practice freedom, practice faith, but above all practice love because love is freedom and love is faith. Love.

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