Dark and light


“There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.”-Stephen Covey

Decisions, decisions, that is what free will is, and it is amazing! Just think about it, you have the ability to choose your life and the quality of experiences, people, and places, YOU! Yes, you. Breathe this in, love it, embrace it, adore it. I don’t know any greater love than that, our creator made us free, yet the society that we live in caught our attention and convinced us otherwise. Many live lives imprisoned by mental handicaps walking around in an almost zombie-like state and not even know it.

I was talking to a client recently; she was talking to me about how much darkness surrounds her life and her family. I then gave her a scenario to help her understand that it was a choice to live in darkness. I gave her the example of a protagonist and an antagonist in a movie, the dark side versus the light, both exist simultaneously in the movie, both realities are true, yet it is the decision of each side to live according to their beliefs. I explained to her that because we are on earth death is normal, disease has existed before she was even born, etc, etc, however it is her decision to use her power to either focus on what is ‘good’ or what is ‘bad.’ Since I don’t live her life I was able to easily see her world and reflect what I was noticing- she was focusing on darkness, while I, who focuses on the light, was trying to get her to see the light and share my truth with her. I gave her the number of someone with more tools than I to help her and wished her well. I know that I did what I could for her and that it was then up to her whether she changed her life or not, I did my part and let it go.

Focus on what is right, focus on the light. I know there are certain instances in life where this is challenging, I’ve been there done that, but it is for one’s own good that we must practice focusing on the light. I have a little mantra that I learned from a shaman, I say it to myself all the time in order to focus, it’s ‘love and light.’ When someone cuts me off on the road, ‘love and light,’ when something disturbs me, I repeat the mantra, and it works. This is the tool I use to focus, however I am I, find something that works for you, it behooves you to do so. Namaste.

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