A tree is not a tree


“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness”-Lao Tzu

What happens when a tree is no longer a tree but a fountain of wisdom? What happens when an accident is no longer an accident but a divine intervention? What if everything you are experiencing is a direct reflection of your thoughts? I’ll tell you what happens, it’s called waking up, awareness. You become aware that you have never been alone on this journey, that all along you have had a guide with you, taking care of your every step, and sometimes, even showing you what you are doing to yourself and your life. All of this is real and is being experienced slowly by the evolution of mankind into their original state of bliss, of oneness with the source. I am experiencing it.

There is way more to this magical world than meets the eye, the best things cannot be seen with the naked eye, they must be felt. Sometimes it’s intuition, other times it’s love, both of the same source. It is arrogant to think that the divine one limited her/his creation to just please the limited senses of humans. This is not so, we are constantly surrounded by energy, beings of light, guides, angels, etc. They exist on another platform, I know this by experience and it is one of the most amazing things ever. We are so loved, we only need to open ourselves, our hearts to these experiences, the minute we let the reasoning mind in, the magic is gone and we doubt our very own experience of something unique, something beyond this world. But it is always there, it always has been, it’s just that this society has ridiculed such ideas and even shunned people who believe in something beyond the material world. Slowly people are starting to come out and share their spiritual connections with one another and we see that they not only are not alone in their experiences, but that there are others who may have even surpassed certain spiritual levels of awareness.

We all have the ability to experience this, perhaps the one time when we were closest to it were as children when all the rules and regulation of the material world had not infiltrated our innocent hearts and minds. This is why it just irritates me when I see how kids are easily hooked into the false ideas of the world with limited views by the media and society, very few escape and it is because of their parents that they live free. We have the ability to recreate a better life for the next generation, let’s listen to them, they know the way, the path is already set. Live free, be free.

2 thoughts on “A tree is not a tree

  1. Thank you, beautifully expressed and I agree wholeheartedly!

    I have seen miracles so many times. And life itself is truly a series of miracles. And people are waking up everywhere! This certainly makes the gap between those still living mostly in 3D and those who are living and breathing in 5D ever wider, but that’s all part of it.

    There’s more energy on the planet right now than since the dawn of time. And we keep getting upgraded all the time!

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