We are medicine


“All healing is first a healing of the heart.” – Carl Townsend

There is medicine within all of us, a medicine which we can not only heal ourselves with, but also one another. I learned this from a shaman woman. This medicine is called love, but very few tune into it, very few notice it, and seldom do we utilize its powers. But it exists, and it is real, it is as real as the heart beat with which we entered into this world with, as real as the breath that carries us day in and day out on this journey called life. What is required to utilize its powers? Belief, belief in a higher power, in the same power that brought you forth into life, in that power which always sees the best in you and is never absent and always present. It is love, believe in love and all its healing powers, believe in the power that lies within you to transform your life and that of mankind. It is possible, it has existed before your awareness and it will exist beyond time because it is the only thing which is real. Trust your intuition, allow it to guide you, allow it to bring you back into remembrance of who you really are and of the power you possess to lead your life in presence, peace, prosperity, and happiness.

There have been many masters which have come to earth to show us this process, some walk among us. We are living in a time where many souls are beginning to remember and awaken out of the slumber of Maya. Remember everything is temporary, the only truth which is eternal is love, it transcends, heals, and restores us to our original state of bliss. I have experienced its healing powers, and as I continue to heal and come into my true being, I too shall be able to be a transmitter of its power, a vessel of love.

Use your thoughts wisely, use your words wisely; they can either help you, or bring you down. Use the language of the heart to speak your truth, there are attentive ears waiting to hear a simple ‘hello’ which will appease their worry, their anger. These simple things are healing to the wounded souls that walk the earth, use your words, your actions, to heal, to speak love, to spread kindness. We are in a time where the earth needs this love the most. Beloved, love, be loved, be.

6 thoughts on “We are medicine

    1. Thank you for sharing that 🙂 I’m glad you were open to receiving her gift. It’s amazing how giving mothers are, I’m not a mom yet but I admire them, such power.

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  1. Like you…I believe love is all there is. We only hurt ourselves when we live a life of negative emotions. I will take the one [love] over expressing all the rest. It’s the most powerful, and longer lasting.

    It’s the warmest in what seems to be a cold world. Yes…for me, and from my heart, love is all there is. May I pass it on today, and everyday. Peace Be Still ***

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