“Home is where the heart is.”- Pliny the Elder

Home, where is home? This question is answered differently depending on the individual. If the person is homeless then home is the corner on the street, if the person is middle class then it’s usually a nice house with a back and/or front yard. No matter where or what home represents it’s usually a comforting place to go back to, a retreat from one’s daily activities. When people say ‘home’ they usually mean a physical place, a place on earth. However, to the truth seeker home means something else, it means origin, love, innocence, God, a remembrance of who one really is. Therefore home is not a place where one goes to but a state of being, a state of bliss, joy, and love. The feelings for both are similar though, it is a place you look forward to coming to, a comforting place. The difference is that the physical ‘home’ is typically dependent on external circumstance while the other one is not.

Finding home, one’s origin, eternal love, is a wise choice. Everything on the material plane is temporary, the connection that we make with the universe/god/source is eternal, this is why it is so important to make one’s spiritual life a priority. By making spiritual life a priority everything else then falls into place because it all comes from spirit, the material is a manifestation of spirit, connect to spirit and you connect to the richest source of all.

I love God, it is the only truth that I know, everything else is illusion. Life is a gift from the creator, and that I get to be here on this planet and co-create with the source is a blessing. I am one among others I’ve been blessed to meet that understand this great truth. I share how I feel because I would like the rest of the world to experience this kind of bliss and to know that it is within reach, that it exists and is real. We are beautiful people, it’s just easy to forget who we are and where we come from when we are in the middle of the material world surrounded by other s who have also forgotten who they are, I compare it to a disease which is passed on from person to person. I march forward passing on love, keeping the flame alive and igniting one light at a time, passing on the torch until we light up the entire globe.

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