Let life flow


“Let it go, let it flow”-Maria Velazco

Letting go of the unnecessary struggles in life permits the gentle flow of love to remove obstacles that prevent you from achieving optimal health, happiness, and overall well being. Inviting the flow of love helps dislodge negative thought patterns and behaviors. If this is difficult to understand merely observe a river stream, look at  the movements when it hits areas where there are obstacles such as rocks, it flows it keeps moving, it doesn’t stop, if however, the water gets stuck in certain crevices then it  becomes murky and muddy . Similarly, our body is made of water; we too can flow or get stuck. We as souls living the human experience, however have the ability to choose a life of prosperity and joy. Trust your inner truth, it is there, just believe it and remember to listen. The river too has a language, it also speaks a truth, just because others may not understand it does not mean it is not real, it is. Keep this in mind when listening to the whispers of your own truth; you do not need the validation of others in order to understand what is real for you and YOUR life. This life is for you, the creator gave you a free will for a reason; choose your thoughts wisely and live free, God loves you.

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