Natural flow

6-20 (15)

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”- Albert Einstein

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, I love being outdoors and connecting with Mother Nature. I don’t know of any greater inspiration in my life than to observe the divine dance of nature, it’s just amazing how everything flows, nature has checks and balances put into place to keep harmony flowing. By being away from electronics I’m able to tune into that part of myself which speaks silently. Many writers have used nature as a metaphor in their writing, nature is a teacher unlike none other. Check out this quote by Hermann Hesse.

I also enjoy the flow of yoga; it is a warrior’s dance, a movement of energy to restore balance in one’s temple. Another flow of movement which I also enjoy is dancing. Dancing combines music, rhythm, and socializing all into one. When I took private lessons a couple of years ago I learned so much from my teacher; focus, let go, listen, and feel. I thought I had it all down until just this year when I realized there was one key element missing-breathing! As crazy as it may seem I would catch myself holding my breath instead of breathing through some of the twists and turns, now that I remember to breathe I feel stronger in my flow and stronger in life as I remember to just breathe!

These things, among others, bring me peace and allow me to re-establish my thoughts and allow them to flow freely from the source.

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