Happy thoughts


“Happiness depends upon ourselves” -Aristotle

A couple of weeks ago I read a post about entertaining happy thoughts, after reading the post I felt totally refreshed and happier. I told the blog’s author, Celia Hales, how the post created a happy thought in me. I am constantly amazed at the mental capacity that we have to create our lives, though it may seem simple for some, for others it is a true challenge, thinking happy thoughts, that is all it takes. Other authors describe it as positive thinking, both result in the same thing, leading more productive satisfying lives. Once we take responsibility for the thoughts in our heads and not the jargon that society puts out, or what our neighbor, mom, husband, etc. say, then, we will take life by the chains and become great leaders of our destiny, and God/the universe, of course will be more than happy to help us get there. The ball is in our court, do we choose positive happy thoughts, or do we choose negative unhappy thoughts? That, is the power we have.

9 thoughts on “Happy thoughts

  1. Thoughtful and Inspiring. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he. Our thoughts has a way of shaping us into something. but it all depend on what we garbage in.
    Nice post Maria. Keep going higher. Success.:_):)



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