Keeping passion alive


“The best way to keep your passion alive is to make your number one relationship in the world be that between you and your source of being.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Since the words that flow through me are not mine, but the divine’s, this quote makes total sense. In keeping in tune with my divine guide I am able to do things that my limiting mind restricts, the words just flow when I feel connected to God. In nurturing the divine relationship I also learn much about the secrets of life and who I am and what I am here to do. Making the relationship between God and me number one would also help me along this journey in life, like having a best friend right by my side, a silent confidant to rely on. There are numerous ways in which putting God first is beneficial, it helps me remember the powers which have been given to me, it helps me remember that this journey is only temporary, that I am not this body but merely a soul who is here to serve on behalf of the divine. Remembering this will free me from the illusion of life and the drama that is played out, having no attachment to anything in the material world I feel I would be free to carry out whatever plan God has planted within my being, putting God first gives freedom to follow one’s passion. The only rules to follow are the ones that God sets forth, not the limiting human laws, with God there is magic, there are miracles, there is life.

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