“The thoughts you emit, time will reveal.”-Maria Velazco

Have you ever looked at the word ‘time’ backwards? Put it up to a mirror and it will spell out ‘emit’ what does the word ‘emit’ mean? According to the dictionary it is defined as- sending (light, energy, etc) out from a source. The life that we lead is created by the thoughts that we project, we are constantly creating with our thoughts. If I live in poverty it is not because of the economy, it is because of the thoughts that are being projected from my thoughts, the ones which I choose, whether consciously or unconsciously. We are creative beings with great mental capacity; we originate from the creative source, and thus have similar capacity. The problem has been that all too often we forget who we are and where our origin is, we get lost in this thing called maya, or illusion. Yet we always have the ability to return back home, back to where we are co-creators with God/the universe and have unlimited abundance and creative powers. All which God/the universe has, we too contain within us. Our thoughts are powerful, whatever we imagine we can create, at one time in human history it was thought that the world was flat and that only birds could fly, yet see how technologically advanced we are.

The possibilities are endless, let’s create a healthy, peaceful world and think positively. Let’s synchronize with the divine and restore love within the hearts of one another, it all starts with you. Choose your thoughts wisely, because as Aristotle once wrote, “Contemplation is the highest form of activity.”

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