Home as the heart


“Where thou art, that is home.”- Emily Dickinson

This reminds me of the idiom, ‘Home is where the heart is,’ I then envision the picture of Christ pointing to his sacred heart. I see great truths in all of this. The mind has a way of tricking me into thinking one thing is better than the other, yet when I look deep within my heart, I eventually find the answer that suits me best. When I learn to listen to my heart, I notice it is God who is guiding my actions, and not my mind. The mind will say things like, it’s too difficult, you can’t do that, are you sure? But the courageous heart always finds a way, because to God, nothing is impossible.

I consider all living beings to be light, spirit, and therefore only visitors to the earth, earthlings. Home is where the heart is because no matter what space I inhabit on this planet, it is within my heart that I must feel at peace, that I feel love no matter the external circumstances. As a child I lived in a house, I can say I was more fortunate than most for having this luxury however, my environment was hostile; I never felt at home and seldom had peace. This is one reason why I have trouble calling the people without shelter ‘homeless,’ because to me, the heart is home and the earth a place we visit for only a short time. I’ve changed several different residences since then, yet the one constant factor has been my heart, and God as my guide, when I go within my temple and feel love, and peace, and connect with God, it doesn’t matter where I am so long as I have the love of God. To me, this is home.

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