Life map


“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu

There are maps for everything, they come in the form of a list of goals we need to achieve in order to buy a house, go to college, get in shape, etc. There are also maps of the human body, the universe, etc. But what about the map that leads us back home? The one that leads us back to our union with God, the divine one, our heart? How often do we refer to that one? I’ve found that there are many distractions on this road map, personally, I lose focus, I forget. Yet the ‘map’ will always be there for me. I must merely turn my attention to what is good in my life, reach for help when I’m stuck on a rock and keep moving. Just like a line from Disney’s Pocahontas “The river’s always flowing, always moving,” I too must not remain stagnant and keep flowing with the rhythm of life, the life which the divine creator has granted me, the one which I must honor with my word. There are many road maps to this union, some people find it in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc, whatever path one chooses there is something out there for everyone, just have faith and follow the beat of your heart, which is where the love you seek reigns. Be happy, the road is short.

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