I write because…


“Write what should not be forgotten.” -Isabel Allende

I write because it is part of my being to want to express itself. I write because silence has a voice. Just as the river, the rain, the thunder and the birds, silence too has a voice. For many years people have tried to explain this through sacred text, yet many still walk around ignoring the silence as if it didn’t exist, yet silence is just as much alive as is all the madness of a turbulent city.  I write because through me, this silence has a voice, just like musicians require instruments to express themselves. Hand in hand, the work is accomplished; one meets the other in order to create great pieces of art which are met with applause and smiles, as if congratulating a married couple. I write as a celebration of that continued silence which has been written about since time immemorial. It is the beginning and the end of all great masterpieces. To write is to sing the words of silence, an expression of the everlasting peace it brings unto the soul who walks the earth knowing this is not home but simply a journey into the unknown, one step at a time, one breath at a time. To understand this silence you must pause on the journey and remember who you are, silence will bring you back home. This is why I write.

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