Dear Depression


Dear depression,

I have battled with you since I was a child; you drained me of power, and made my days seem much longer. Every day I hung onto dear life, wishing the end of the pain. Through torment and turmoil I lived to see the next day, and though you did not cease to leave me, I had the strength to still pray ‘Dear Lord, please take this pain away.’ Years of my life I spent wishing for the end, but today, today, my dear depression, I have conquered those days! I go out and play, dance the night away, and look forward to another day.

You arrived as a deep lesson, one I will not forget, I feel grateful for that lesson. To learn to be and to play, to let go and let God, to move on, and be strong, because I have battled you for long, my triumph is sweet. I am stronger because of you, wiser and more resilient too, and though I may face you again, I still say thank you. Dear depression, I thank you, I thank you, because of you I made the Lord my rock, my reason for being and unceasing friend. Dear Lord, I thank you for allowing me to see my strength lay in you, because of you I still live, because of you I am stronger, because of you I have moved on, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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