Where does your power go?


Where does your power go? This is a question which I happen to be pondering as I was thinking whether or not someone liked me. It dawned upon me that I was giving this person my power because my feelings towards myself would change based on whether or not he/she liked me. I then felt that this was a disempowering state of being. A person who, in my opinion, is confident does not need to depend on another person’s opinion in order to be fully established in who they are. Furthermore, a person who has a strong spiritual base needs only God to be fully accepting of who they are as a person, and in that they derive their confidence.

I then digressed into thinking of the various ways in which we disempower ourselves. When we criticize our looks, for example, this makes us feel unhappy with ourselves thus our energy is then depleted into this negative idea of the way we think we look.

If we take a step back and look at the world through an energetic point of view we can see where our energy is directed. It is a form of currency in a way, we can say,”Oh, I will give money to this place because I support them. But not this other place because it’s a waste of my money.” And so if our thoughts are directed in this manner perhaps we can then become really empowered and productive in our lives, not wanting to waste our energy in things that are wasteful, we use our ‘energy’ wisely.

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